Carrboro Graffiti Art Walk!

Saturday, November 22nd, 6pm
Leaving from the Nightlight, 405 1/2 West Rosemary Street
We’ll take a guided tour of the street art in downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill, admiring the courage and finesse of local illegal artists and reviewing the hidden history of some local landmarks.
If you’re walking around the freshly gentrified streets of downtown Chapel Hill in the days leading up to November 22, and you just so happen to chance across an outrageous spray-painted slogan, stencil, or throw-up on the previously pristine wall of some upstanding member of the local business community, please send an anonymous tip with the location to so we can include it in the tour. You can also discreetly drop your tip in the suggestion box at the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair earlier that afternoon at the Nightlight.

Student Anarchist Breakout Talk (SABOT) at the 5th Annual Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair

Hey, are you in a college anarchist group looking for comrades? An anarchist graduate student stuck in a boring Marxist reading group? A student radical who shares affinity with anarchist aspirations? A high-school student looking for friends who want to tear this system down?

We want you to come to the Student Anarchist Breakout Talk (SABOT) at 5:00 PM at the 5th annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair

Saturday, November 22 at The Nightlight

405 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC

We’re the UNControllables, an anarchist student club at UNC-Chapel Hill in its third year of existence. We do a lot at UNC–we host anarchist reading groups, we publish an annual “Disorientation Guide,” and we get money from UNC’s Student Congress to fly in international anarchist speakers–but we want to see even more happen, both here and at every other university in North Carolina!

We are calling for this SABOT as a way to…

-bring anarchist students together to meet each other and devise new plans

-assess our capacity for coordinating across schools and across the region

-share organizing strategies and lessons

We are happy to share our insights from being active at UNC-Chapel Hill, but we also want to hear about other groups’ experiences and brainstorm new directions for the future. You don’t need to RSVP to come to the SABOT, but it would be nice to hear from other groups interested in participating so we can prepare time for presentations and reportbacks.

We hope that this SABOT can get North Carolina student anarchism off on the right foot!

-Some UNControllables

One Month Until the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

The fifth Anarchist Book Fair in Carrboro, North Carolina is right around the corner, on the weekend of November 22. In this announcement, we offer a preview of the events, presenters, and participants, along with a bevy of new promotional materials. Don’t miss this opportunity to join anarchists and other brilliant, beautiful, and courageous individuals from around the world in strategizing against tyranny and celebrating our collective power.

This year’s presenters will speak on topics from encryption and digital security to anarchist perspectives on sex work. We’ll hear multiple perspectives on green anarchism and different kinds of prisoner support. A poet who lived in Cairo through the Egyptian revolution will translate poetry from the movement there; a comrade from Barcelona will speak on the successful struggle against the attempt to evict the Can Vies occupation. We’re especially excited to welcome speakers from St. Louis who participated in the events in Ferguson last August.

Other programming includes a state-wide meet-up for anarchist students, aimed at widening the network around Chapel Hill’s thriving UNControllables chapter, and a graffiti art walk highlighting local street art. The day’s events will conclude, as usual, with the year’s best night of dancing.

Most of the tables have already been reserved. We’re happy to announce new participants including Berlin’s Ill Will Press, the New York Anarchist Black Cross, Oak Root Press from St. Louis, and the Jeremy Hammond support committee. Longtime participants will also be represented: AK and PM Press, CrimethInc., Corina Dross, Little Black Cart, Combustion Books, and more totaling over two dozen publishers.

The deadline to reserve a table or propose a presentation is November 1, so if you have something in mind, now is the time to contact us:

We’ve uploaded several new poster designs to our site. Please print these out and post them far and wide. If you’d like a stack of color cards advertising the bookfair sent to your town, shoot us an email at

Hope to see you this November!

Announcing the Fifth Annual Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair!

The fifth annual Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair will take place the weekend of November 22, 2014 in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina. Don’t miss one of the Southeast’s most exciting educational and agitational events!

In the first four years of its existence, the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair has coincided with a higher proportion of nationally reported riots and building occupations than any other book fair worldwide. This book fair is the ideal occasion to strike back against murderous white supremacist policing, create an anti-capitalist autonomous zone, or just read a lot of great books and ‘zines.

This will be an especially busy autumn for central NC. On October 4, Carrboro’s monthly Really Really Free Market will celebrate its ten-year anniversary with a massive free festival. Meanwhile, our decades-running community center, Internationalist Books, is moving from Chapel Hill to a new and improved location in Carrboro… making this the first ever Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair to actually hold events in Carrboro!

We’ll be hosting presentations and discussions, including a few panel discussions and a collaborative report on our local projects. We’ll also provide food, film screenings, and a graffiti art walk, and a never-before-attempted live anarchist podcast recording! As usual, the book fair will conclude with a high-energy late night dance party.

If you are involved with a radical infoshop, organizing group, or publishing project, we’d love for you to join us. The deadline for reserving tables is November 1. We also welcome proposals for presentations and other forms of participation!

Schedules and promotional materials will soon be available at our website.



Anarchists Express Grief over Huerta’s Death, Gratitude for Protesters’ Courage

A Statement from Organizers of the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair

Organizers of the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair express our grief over the death of Jesus Huerta and our admiration of all who took action in Durham last Friday to confront the police in whose hands he died.

Early on Tuesday, November 19, 17-year-old Jesus Huerta, known to his friends as Chuy, was killed while handcuffed in the back of a police car in Durham, North Carolina. He died of a gunshot wound. The Durham police have refused to offer any further details, but Chuy appears to be the third person they have killed in four months.

Chuy’s death is an irreparable tragedy. No investigation or justification can rectify this loss, nor break the systemic pattern of racist harassment and repression of which it is a single example. In a just society, the Durham police would submit themselves to the judgment of his family, rather than presuming to judge guilt and innocence themselves. Instead, in the initial coverage, police and corporate media reported previous misdemeanor charges against Chuy in an attempt to discredit him, even though all of those charges had long been dismissed.

On the following Friday night, hundreds of people gathered at CCB Plaza in Durham and marched to the police headquarters, displaying signs, banners, flares, and firecrackers. Several windows of the police headquarters were broken, as well as the window of a squad car. Police officers physically attacked participants, arresting three and verbally threatening many more. Of the arrestees, one was released with no charges, an indication of the lack of precision with which the arrests were carried out. The other two are 14 and 19 years old, close to Chuy’s age.

The News and Observer and other corporate news sources have presented blatantly slanted coverage. According to one article, “Officers came out from the building to help defuse the situation” by trying “to push the crowd back.” Another News and Observer article reports that, “as the group reached police headquarters, protesters wearing black hooded sweatshirts, ski masks and bandanas joined the march.” This is blatantly dishonest: a cursory review of photographs of the demonstration available on the News and Observer’s own website shows that protesters dressed thus were present from the beginning of the march. The intention behind this wording is to give credence to police claims that the confrontation was the work of “a few ‘outside agitators,’” the same language once used to delegitimize civil rights protesters.

This effort has not succeeded. As an organizer of the march posted afterwards on Facebook, “I refuse to condemn any actions during the demonstrations, and my heart was full of fire seeing so many young brown and black youth leading the march and expressing their anger with the police.”

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue, famous for supervising a controversial attack using military equipment and tactics against an unarmed building occupation in 2011, appeared in the News and Observer a week after Chuy’s death, speculating that anarchists were responsible for the escalation of Friday’s protest. For our part, though the politics of all who engaged in conflict with the police are unknown, we praise their courage, determination, and willingness to put themselves at risk for an honorable cause.

It is typical and despicable that the Durham Police Department is investigating Friday’s protest while evading responsibility for Chuy’s death. It is typical and despicable that corporate media are parroting police rhetoric in hopes of dividing the public and delegitimizing popular outcry. It would be despicable, if sadly typical, if local liberals decried the course of Friday’s protest without doing anything to support the young men who were seized by the same police department that has Chuy’s blood on its hands. Like the bereaved, Friday night’s arrestees know it was not handwringing proponents of timidity who responded in their hour of need.

As for what it would take to ensure that no one ever dies at the hands of the police again, it would surely be more dramatic than the breaking of a few windows. Those who have no real plan to ensure this should not criticize others’ efforts to deter police from taking lives lightly, unless the maintenance of today’s “law and order” is more important to them than the lives it costs.

This ongoing tragedy is yet another example of why anarchists desire a world without police or any of the other institutions that impose white supremacy and inequality. We invite you to join us in the struggle to abolish them.

Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair Final Update!

Ahead of the 2013 Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair, this coming Saturday, November 23, we are excited to announce the final list of participating publishers and organizations and schedule of events. See you there!

The book fair itself will take place at The Nightlight at 405 West Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill from 11 am to 7 pm. Additional events will take place at Internationalist Books a block away at 405 West Franklin Street.

Participating Tablers

Own Our Own Authority Press! (Atlanta)

NC Piece Corps (Carrboro)

Black Powder Press (Santa Cruz)

Mask Magazine (NYC)

The UNControllables (Chapel Hill)

Firestorm Books (Asheville)

CrimethInc. (Everywhere)

Black Door Distro (Atlanta)

Little Black Cart (Berkeley)

Croatan Earth First! (Chapel Hill)

Corina Dross (Philly)

Combustion Books (Raleigh/Queens)

Internationalist Books (Chapel Hill)

Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective (Carrboro)

The Flying Brick! (Richmond)

Currents Against Us! (Atlantic Ocean / Puget Sound)

Negate City (Greensboro)

Underground Editions (NY)

AK Press (Baltimore/Oakland)

Wooden Shoe (Philly)

Untorelli Press (Bloomington)

Thought Crime Inc. (Edmunton, Canada)

LA ZAD English Library (NW France)

Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 21

The Gezi Park Uprising in Turkey: A first-hand report from Istanbul at Hanes Art Auditorium, room 121, at UNC Chapel Hill, at 6 pm

Friday, November 22

What to Do in Case of Fire: Dinner and a Movie in Durham at the Fellowship Hall, 719 North Mangum Street at 7pm.

Saturday, November 23

 At the Nightlight

11 am – The book fair opens to the public

1 pm – lunch

7:30 pm – dinner

8 pm – Anarchist Primer Competition

10 pm to 2 am – dance party

Events at Internationalist Books

11 am – Violent Demonstrations: Staying Safe and Effective at Protests and Rallies

12 pm – Network Security

1 pm – Dixie Be Damned: Insurrection in the American South

2 pm – Queer Revolt against Prisons and Police

3 pm – Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

4 pm – La ZAD: Land Occupations in France

5 pm – Black Bloc Rebellions in Brazil

6 pm – The Gezi Park Uprising in Turkey



Raise your hand if this has happened to you: you’re explaining your anarchism to a non-anarchist who’s curious. They seem interested, open to your ideas, or eager to try to share them with others in their life. As you wrap up your conversation, they ask you for a good, basic, accessible introduction to anarchist ideas – one they can read to their kids or share with their skeptical friends or distribute in their small town. What do you give them? If you’re anything like us, your distro table may be surprisingly lacking in simple primer pamphlets to get the anarcho-curious started.

And that’s why we’re announcing the ANARCHIST PRIMER COMPETITION, taking place at the 4th Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair in Chapel Hill, NC!

Attention all anarchists: you’ve got two more weeks! On Saturday, November 23rd, you can table with your new primer, share them with the seasoned veterans, shy consumers, and undercover cops who patronize the book fair, and then we’ll have an event in the evening where everyone has the chance to present their work in ten minutes or less. A panel of judges will award black ribbons for the best primer in various categories, including: Best DesignBest Topical (for a specific audience or purpose), Best All-Ages Primer,Best Presentation, Funniest Troll Entry, and Best Overall.

The parameters are simple: 5,000 words or less (the shorter the better), no more than 20 pages in whatever design format you choose, photocopyable for mass distribution, and intended to introduce anarchy and anarchist ideas to a wide audience. If you can’t make it in person to table, send your entry along with someone who can. We’ll pick up copies of each other’s work, and by the end of the weekend we’ll have tons of creative new options for introductory primers to share in our own organizing.

GO! Get writing, get creative, get competitive. We’ll see you in North Carolina in a few weeks!

the collective for Another Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair (ACAB)

It’s getting closer!

The Bookfair will take place on Saturday November 23rd from 11am – 7pm. Tabling will be at The Nightlight @ 405 W Rosemary St in Chapel Hill. Workshops will be hosted throughout the day at Internationalist Books @ 405 W Franklin St.

Tabling space is still available for a sliding scale fee! We are still accepting workshop and discussion proposals until November 7th! Email us at to table or present. Keep posted for updated schedule of events!