Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair Final Update!

Ahead of the 2013 Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair, this coming Saturday, November 23, we are excited to announce the final list of participating publishers and organizations and schedule of events. See you there!

The book fair itself will take place at The Nightlight at 405 West Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill from 11 am to 7 pm. Additional events will take place at Internationalist Books a block away at 405 West Franklin Street.

Participating Tablers

Own Our Own Authority Press! (Atlanta)

NC Piece Corps (Carrboro)

Black Powder Press (Santa Cruz)

Mask Magazine (NYC)

The UNControllables (Chapel Hill)

Firestorm Books (Asheville)

CrimethInc. (Everywhere)

Black Door Distro (Atlanta)

Little Black Cart (Berkeley)

Croatan Earth First! (Chapel Hill)

Corina Dross (Philly)

Combustion Books (Raleigh/Queens)

Internationalist Books (Chapel Hill)

Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective (Carrboro)

The Flying Brick! (Richmond)

Currents Against Us! (Atlantic Ocean / Puget Sound)

Negate City (Greensboro)

Underground Editions (NY)

AK Press (Baltimore/Oakland)

Wooden Shoe (Philly)

Untorelli Press (Bloomington)

Thought Crime Inc. (Edmunton, Canada)

LA ZAD English Library (NW France)

Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 21

The Gezi Park Uprising in Turkey: A first-hand report from Istanbul at Hanes Art Auditorium, room 121, at UNC Chapel Hill, at 6 pm

Friday, November 22

What to Do in Case of Fire: Dinner and a Movie in Durham at the Fellowship Hall, 719 North Mangum Street at 7pm.

Saturday, November 23

 At the Nightlight

11 am – The book fair opens to the public

1 pm – lunch

7:30 pm – dinner

8 pm – Anarchist Primer Competition

10 pm to 2 am – dance party

Events at Internationalist Books

11 am – Violent Demonstrations: Staying Safe and Effective at Protests and Rallies

12 pm – Network Security

1 pm – Dixie Be Damned: Insurrection in the American South

2 pm – Queer Revolt against Prisons and Police

3 pm – Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

4 pm – La ZAD: Land Occupations in France

5 pm – Black Bloc Rebellions in Brazil

6 pm – The Gezi Park Uprising in Turkey


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