Workshops and Events

The following is a schedule-in-progress of the workshops and presentations that will take place at this year’s bookfair. Stay tuned for updates and changes.




7:30 pm @ Internationalist Books – Glimpses of a Past in Revolt: A Multimedia Presentation of Struggle in North Carolina

From the Great Dismal Swamp maroons to the Red Strings of the Civil War, from the Lowry Gang to the wildcat strikes of the Piedmont, from Robert F. Williams to the riots and prison rebellions of the 60’s and 70’s, North Carolina’s past is full of insurrectionary moments that tear through the cliched historical narratives of both the right and left. This presentation will be centered around maps, photographs, and other visuals drawn from primary source material that was compiled in the process of writing the soon-to-be-published text Dixie Be Damned, and will take you on a crash course of some of these exciting moments.


11am @ Internationalist Books – Digital Counter-Surveillance

Encryption is the ability to conceal a message. Encryption methods are classified by the US government as “munitions,” and are tightly regulated. Learn how to use these weapons to circumvent dragnet surveillance.

Without encryption, we are voluntarily sharing more than we’d like to with corporate and government entities, all while generating profits and doing spying work for them.

Although we’re living in a post-privacy society, digital privacy and security are still within our reach.

This beginner-level workshop* will teach you the basics of encryption and how to implement encryption tools and habits to protect your hard drive, web browsing, emails, chat and other data.

*Laptops are strongly suggested for this workshop. Mobile phone security will also be discussed.



12pm @ the Nightlight – No Selves to Abolish: A Workshop on Afropessimism and Anarchy

The aim of this workshop is to spark a conversation about how afropessimist thought, particularly that of Frank Wilderson, challenges anarchist thinking (broadly construed) around identity, self-abolition, and the destruction of the existent. We will discuss anti-Blackness, the slave relation, liminal subjectivity versus objecthood (or “flesh”), and resistance to police violence.


12 pm @ Internationalist Books – The Can Vies Revolt and the Struggle for Space in Barcelona

Hear about the weeklong series of riots and protests in Barcelona that resulted in the uneviction of the 17 year old squatted social center Can Vies and an important escalation in the tactics for taking or policing space; about the death of the squatters movement; about what anarchists are doing to communalize public space and how the city is switching to a new paradigm of gentrification; and about the misery of daily life.


1pm @ Internationalist Books – Ferguson

A recounting and analysis of the two weeks of unrest following the Mike Brown killing, including major participants and dynamics – both libertory, repressive and recuperative, from local participants. The two nights of unrest after the killing of Vonderitt Myers and yet unknown future outrage will be discussed as well.


2:30pm @ the Nightlight – Panel Discussion on Green Anarchy


3:00pm @ Internationalist Books – Can We Count on Numbers? Mathematics and Anti-Colonial Struggles

Many of us take for granted that there is one mathematics, describing a single world. But what if there are multiple mathematics, just as there are multiple social narratives? What is the relationship between mathematics and social struggles? Can we imagine an, or many, anti-colonial mathematics? This panel discussion will feature Diane Nelson, who is completing a book about the relation of these questions to struggles in Guatemala, and Rann Bar-On, a professor of mathematics who participates in Palestinian solidarity work.

 4pm @ the Nightlight – Supporting Queer Anti-Authoritarian Prisoners

Prison is hell for queer and transgender people, who face homophobic violence from both prison authorities and other inmates. Prison also lays down heavy repression on those who rebel against the state and capital. With this in mind, we present a panel discussion on the struggles of queer anti-authoritarian prisoners. Supporters of Marius Mason, Michael Kimble, Amazon of Gender Anarky, and Luke O’Donovan will speak on the current struggles of these four imprisoned comrades, the lines of connection between them, and anarchist prison solidarity.

4pm @ Internationalist Books – Poetry and the Egyptian Revolution

Poet Andy Young will read from essays and poems reflecting on the struggles in Egypt over the last few years and share her photographs of Egyptian street art. She and Egyptian poet Khaled Hegazzi will also read poems from Egyptian poets, in Arabic and English, that they have translated.


5pm @  the Nightlight – Student Anarchist Breakout Talk (Sabot)  

Are you in a college anarchist group looking for comrades? An anarchist graduate student stuck in a boring Marxist reading group? A student radical who shares affinity with anarchist aspirations? A high-school student looking for friends who want to tear this system down?
We’re the UNControllables, an anarchist student club at UNC-Chapel Hill in its third year of existence. We do a lot at UNC–we host anarchist reading groups, we publish an annual “Disorientation Guide,” and we get money from UNC’s Student Congress to fly in international anarchist speakers–but we want to see even more happen, both here and at every other university in North Carolina!
We are calling for this SABOT as a way to…
-bring anarchist students together to meet each other and devise new plans
-assess our capacity for coordinating across schools and across the region
-share organizing strategies and lessons

We are happy to share our insights from being active at UNC-Chapel Hill, but we also want to hear about other groups’ experiences and brainstorm new directions for the future. You don’t need to RSVP to come to the SABOT, but it would be nice to hear from other groups interested in participating so we can prepare time for presentations and reportbacks.


5pm @ Internationalist Books – “But What About When They Get Out:” A Strategic Discussion On Post-release Prisoner Support, Presented by Bloomington ABC, NYC ABC, and grand jury resister Jerry Koch

Over the last three years, we have seen as many political prisoners released in the United States as in the previous decade combined. That trend looks like it will continue for the next few years, leaving folks who do the work of supporting political prisoners to develop tactics and strategies for making sure those who get released have what they need to adapt to life on the outside. Prisoner support doesn’t end when a comrade is released. Through halfway houses, supervised release, parole, or probation, there is usually state supervision beyond the initial sentence. Also, prison is traumatic. And of course there is the stigma of being a former prisoner that effects nearly every aspect of one’s life. All of this adds up to the less obvious, but equally necessary, support needed when our loved ones come home. Please join us in this facilitated strategic discussion to share ideas and deepen our abilities to support our comrades.


6pm Starting at the Nightlight – Graffiti Art Walk

We’ll take a guided tour of the street art in downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill, admiring the courage and finesse of local illegal artists and reviewing the hidden history of some local landmarks.
If you’re walking around the freshly gentrified streets of downtown Chapel Hill in the days leading up to November 22, and you just so happen to chance across an outrageous spray-painted slogan, stencil, or throw-up on the previously pristine wall of some upstanding member of the local business community, please send an anonymous tip with the location to so we can include it in the tour. You can also discreetly drop your tip in the suggestion box at the Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair earlier that afternoon at the Nightlight.


7pm @ the Nightlight – Dinner

A delicious free meal courtesy of Fed Up!, a local anarchic food preparation group serving at all the Really Really Free Markets in the Triangle area!


9pm @ the Nightlight – Dance Party



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