One Month Until the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

The fifth Anarchist Book Fair in Carrboro, North Carolina is right around the corner, on the weekend of November 22. In this announcement, we offer a preview of the events, presenters, and participants, along with a bevy of new promotional materials. Don’t miss this opportunity to join anarchists and other brilliant, beautiful, and courageous individuals from around the world in strategizing against tyranny and celebrating our collective power.

This year’s presenters will speak on topics from encryption and digital security to anarchist perspectives on sex work. We’ll hear multiple perspectives on green anarchism and different kinds of prisoner support. A poet who lived in Cairo through the Egyptian revolution will translate poetry from the movement there; a comrade from Barcelona will speak on the successful struggle against the attempt to evict the Can Vies occupation. We’re especially excited to welcome speakers from St. Louis who participated in the events in Ferguson last August.

Other programming includes a state-wide meet-up for anarchist students, aimed at widening the network around Chapel Hill’s thriving UNControllables chapter, and a graffiti art walk highlighting local street art. The day’s events will conclude, as usual, with the year’s best night of dancing.

Most of the tables have already been reserved. We’re happy to announce new participants including Berlin’s Ill Will Press, the New York Anarchist Black Cross, Oak Root Press from St. Louis, and the Jeremy Hammond support committee. Longtime participants will also be represented: AK and PM Press, CrimethInc., Corina Dross, Little Black Cart, Combustion Books, and more totaling over two dozen publishers.

The deadline to reserve a table or propose a presentation is November 1, so if you have something in mind, now is the time to contact us:

We’ve uploaded several new poster designs to our site. Please print these out and post them far and wide. If you’d like a stack of color cards advertising the bookfair sent to your town, shoot us an email at

Hope to see you this November!

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